François Baillon

Born in the Central Region, the author traveled from adolescence to many European countries, from the Arctic Circle to the Danube, backpack and binoculars slung over the shoulder. In 1972, at age 20, it is on the side of the African continent that he will turn. It will be the delta of the Senegal River on the Senegal-Mauritanian border which will be his first initiatory trip to the great continent, during which he will take part in several scientific missions with the Paris Museum and CNRS. A first contact with the Saharan and Sahelian environment that will probably condition the rest of his life and will confirm his passion for wildlife. His destiny was launched.


Gorillas and bongos in so-called mystical forests, first contacts also with giraffes and rare rhinos in the north of the country.

For nearly 32 years this tireless traveler, employed as an engineer within the prestigious Research Institute for Development (Ex ORSTOM) will study the fauna of all ecosystems, from the Sahara to the equatorial forests of West Africa: Ten years (1975) in northern Côte d'Ivoire where he will study, among other things, the social life of lions in the immense Parc de la Comoé.

Then his adventures will take him, again, to Senegal where he will exercise, for six years, the function of ornithologist as technical adviser of National Parks, IUCN, creation of the famous biological station M'Bour . In addition to studies on the biology of white pelicans and the monitoring of migratory birds, he will obtain his "letters of nobility" by discovering a new species of bird for the world, a turtledove on the borders of the country Bassari.

The adventure does not end there since the Sahel calls again on the side of Burkina Faso as regional coordinator of a research program on protected areas. Elephants and black storks will be his main subjects of study. Over the past three decades his insatiable desire to discover new horizons will lead him to travel in 13 West African countries, but also to publish about 60 scientific articles in international journals and to supervise nearly a hundred students from the south and north. In 2005, return to square one, destination Loiret with its meanders of Loire and its lowland forests. He will develop, until today, studies on the avifauna, the osprey in particular of which he became one of the best connoisseurs, but also on the storks, the booted eagles, the lynx, the short-lived or the royal Milan. In this context, the monitoring of these prestigious species by satellite location will quickly become its new scientific occupation as well as animal photography, too often abandoned for lack of time.

In 1990, he left the mangroves and the big sands for new adventures, more humid this time, by settling during seven years in the Center of Cameroon. Coordinator of a large multidisciplinary team of European researchers he will discover the fascinating world of Pygmies Bedzan. His personal investment among these peoples of the enchanting equatorial forest will lead him to be, very rare, enthroned "Prince of war and customary ambassador" in the heart of Tikar country and, later, congratulated by the President of the Republic. First meetings with the

Very invested in the protection of biodiversity François BAILLON has now traded his backpack against the pen. Since 2010, he has been the subject of numerous reports on France3 as well as a documentary on ARTE and is a press correspondent for the Journal de Gien and the daily newspaper République Du Center, specialized in Nature articles. (About 130 articles). Every summer, François collaborates as a lecturer with the Passeurs de Loire of Sigloy (45). Beyond the photographic exhibitions, now well known in the region, a new challenge is already on the horizon. The publishing world, just as formidable as that of wildlife, will be his next challenge. Seven novels, with secret content, are written but still looking for a publisher. To be sure, hundreds of memories, unpublished, still buried in the trunks, just waiting to see the light. Follow him. This eternal pilgrim will take you without doubt according to his desires, pushed by the breath of the adventure, towards the heart of the mesmerizing forests or the savannahs. Journal Release.

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