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The Passeurs de Loire is a company specializing in the organization of boat trips on the Loire.

Long-time friends, Bruno Gabris and Jean-Philippe Vanlauwe created the ‘Passeurs de Loire’ activity back in 2007, installing their embankment at Sigloy, a small village in Loiret department. Their nature and agricultural background, associated to their passion for the river Loire and its boating history, brought them to propose rides of different kinds in what is called the Val d’Or (Golden Valley)?

Today, Bruno has moved to create a professional fishing activity named ‘Pêcheurs de Loire’, that is very complementary to the touristic rides activity proposed by Passeurs de Loire, now fully owned by Jean-Philippe. He is helped by two nature pilot/guides, Pascal and Rémi, who join the team back in 2011.

Those three guys, passionate about the river Loire, with same environmental background, have each one experience and centre of interest that distinguish them.

Jean-Philippe love to speak about the past history of sailing and shipping on the river, and on those ancient boats, to the point he built the actual two boats that Passeurs de Loire are using for their rides.

Pascal, former guide at the Natural Sites Conservatory of the Loire Valley, is very sharp on all what relates to flora, trees and shrubs.

Rémi is rather passionate about fishes and birds, and discovered a new passion with archaeology, looking for fossils and reliefs of the past.

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