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Discover the theme outings organized by the Passeurs de Loire company, boat rides on the Loire.

We propose three series of rides that differs from the traditional rides: « Nocturnes sur Loire »,  « Matinales en Loire » and « Journée Loire ».

The Nocturnes sur Loire are programmed the evening on most Friday during the season. In addition to standard narration, one or two guests will accompany us on board, to address a passion, a job, an activity that relates to the river, such as sailors songs, sailors stories, Loire valley birds, wine and the river Loire… The ride last for at least 3 hours, and a dinner is served on board.

Tariff: 52 €/person.

The  Matinales en Loire are proposed on some Saturday mornings during the season, with three themes:

  • Photography, with a professional photographer accompanying passengers on the boat and guiding them on best way to picture the river, the banks, the light…
  • Professional fishing, with a fisherman explaining the what about fishing, followed by a ride alongside him while he pull out various nets.
  • Archaeology, whereby a passionate explains all what we can find along the river, with a stop on a bank to try find old stones, and a short demonstration on carving a stone like our far ancestors did in the past

Depending on the start time, coffee/pastries or wine/paté/baguette are served aboard the boat.

Tariff: 36 €/person

The day Loire

New 2017!

It is a themed outing of a day, proposed during the season. There will be a boat trip, a conference on a theme linked to the Loire, a meal at the Auberge de Sigloy, and a visit to the Pêcheurs de Loire site to discover the professional fishing and the processed products that follow.

The Loire day will be scheduled on Saturday 3 June and Saturday 2 September 2017


  • 9.30 am to 9.45 am welcome coffee / viennoiseries in the workshop of the fisherman
  • 9.45 am to 10.45 am One-hour lecture by a professional speaker, two themes following date: 'Loire, river of wines' on 3 June and 'History of the Loire navy' on 2 September
  • 10.45 am to 12.45 pm Discovery of the profession of professional fisherman
  • 10.45 am to 12.45 pm Discovery of the profession of professional fisherman
  • 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm Meals at the Auberge de Sigloy
  • 2:45 pm to 4:45 pm Guided tour of 2 hours traditional boat

Tariff: 58 €/person.

Note that the narration is in French. If needed, we can provide those rides be narrated in English, on special request.

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