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The Loire yesterday and today (from 16 people)

Duration: 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Themed outing proposed for constituted groups, it takes place in 3 stages: a conference on the Loire (choice between two subjects), a lunch, and a walk on the Loire. Possibility of inverting the conference and the ride.

Price: 60€ per person (38€ for 3/12 year olds).

Reservation by phone or email.

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Promenade en bateau Loiret

The Loire, fishing and its history (from 16 people)

Duration: from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

This day trip allows you to take advantage of the complementary activities of Passeurs de Loire and Fishermen of the Loire.

Thus you will discover two aspects of the Loire heritage: the Navy of the Loire and the life of the river and the profession of professional fisherman in the Loire and the tasting of the products of his fishing.

Price: 60€ per person (38€ for 3/12 years).

Reservation by phone or email.

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pêcheurs professionnels en loire loiret

Promenade en bateau Loiret

Navigation & gastronomy (from 16 people)

Duration: around 4:00.

This service includes a commented walk of 2 hours and a meal at the Auberge de Sigloy or other nearby facility.

The ride can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon.

Price: € 55 per person (€ 33 for 3/12 years old).

Reservation by phone or email.

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Exit with catering meals on board (from 16 people)

This outing, scheduled for a period of approximately 3:30, will be commented on, and during a stop on a shore or on an island for a free aperitif, we will set up tables and benches on board for a meal prepared by our partner "Les Délices" of the Loire ”. Prices (decreasing according to group composition, contact us): 32 €/ adult and 16€ / child, plus the price of the meal:  26€ including drinks.

Promenade en bateau 45

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