The boats

All the boats on which we suggest you take a ride were built by the Passeurs de Loire team, inspired by traditional boats.

The Egret

This traditional all-wooden boat, launched in May 2006, can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers. Equipped with a 6-meter mast, it allows, depending on the conditions, to sail like the sailors did in the past.

The Great Egret

This entirely wooden boat was launched in 2008. At the start equipped with a 13-meter mast, we decided, for the comfort of our passengers, to remove it and replace it with an awning that covers the whole boat. With a legal capacity of 54 passengers, we limit, once again in your interest, to a maximum of 40 people for organized groups, or 30 maximum for individuals.

The shad

Built between autumn 2017 and spring 2018, the Shad was launched in June 2018. With a maximum capacity of 12 passengers, this closed, glazed and heated boat allows you to navigate throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. Its hull is made of aluminum and is clad in wood.

The choice of boat used for the ride will be decided by the crew according to several criteria (number of passengers, weather, river level) in order to ensure the best possible service. The privatization of one or more boats is possible.

Passeurs de Loire

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